11 AAP MLAs ARRESTED so far; Modi has suggested they can participate in the TIHAR CRICKET TOURNAMENT

admin 02 September ,2016
Some serious competition to IPL is awaiting
Some serious competition to IPL is awaiting

Cricket is a religion in India. Almost anything can be associated with cricket. After the end of the Indian Premier League, the Indian political league has taken over with a match between modi and kejriwal. Well, we don’t know who’s wining it, but going by the current situation, Modiji has the upper hand.

Kejriwal has been doing what any politician should do – criticizing, cribbing, diverting attention far away from real issues and also bashing his political rivals at every given opportunity. Every day he starts with yoga, his favorite being ‘CriticizingCenteAsan’, and takes over twitter to blame the PM for almost everything, right from control of Delhi police to no water in his personal tap. Well this has landed his MLAs into great trouble as 11 of them have been arrested in different charges.

PM Modi has announced a cricket tournament in Tihar jail, where the AAP MLAs will compete with the renowned criminals of India. Practice sessions are already being organized for the MLA’s where they are made to throw stones at each other, hitting each other with brooms and sticks.

The Tihar jail prisoners are very scared of the AAP team as the AAP team is good at appealing and they may pressurize the umpire with their constant appealing. This may lead to a biased match. Modiji has a solution for them too. He has announced that the umpire for the match will be shri Arun Jaietly ji, as Mr Jaetly has a reputation of not giving in to a pressure situation, be it the growing inflation or talks of his rifts with the RBI governor.

Kejriwal has asked his MLAs to win the tournament and return champions to the Delhi parliament. Even congress wanted to field a team for the tournament but they figured out that they have only 3 MLAs in the Delhi assembly which is not sufficient even for a Gali-Mohohllah tournament.

Well, let the season begin, May the better team win

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admin 02 September ,2016

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