More accidents seen on highways as people habituated of ‘drink and drive’ not able to drive properly after the 500 meter ban

admin 10 April ,2017

The 500 meter liquor ban rule was supposed to be a deterrent in drunk and drive cases across India but it has proven otherwise. The Supreme Court ruling of not having any bars near the national highways has forced many out of the business. But the main sufferers are the people driving after having a drink near the highways.


Mumbai in the last week witnessed a 10 % increase in accidents on highways as people habituated of ‘drink and drive’ were not able to drive properly without having their customary drinking routine. In fact most of the accidents involved people under zero influence of alcohol and not drinking and driving is a hobby they are yet to develop.

Our reporter spoke to Mr Harneet Ahuja, who recently had met with an accident and he had this to say,” look, we had been drinking and driving for ages, so it is actually tough for us to drive sober. At least the government should give permission to some bars to stay open if not all. It’s tough for us to get drunk at home and then leave because of our wives, for such people bars on highways are a boon. Government should understand this concern.

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admin 10 April ,2017