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Rahul Gandhi concerned whether prices of Video Games will increase after GST

Rahul Gandhi has always taken interest in serious debates in parliament. Even when he is sleeping in parliament, his brain is working 24/7 for betterment of India. With the recently passed GST bill in the Rajya Sabha, Rahul Gandhi is having sleepless nights over a major issue.

Rahul Gandhi worried about the video game prices
Rahul Gandhi worried about the video game prices

As the nation knows, Rahul baba is a big fan of Video games. He has installed video game consoles at his residence, in his car and even at his parliament bench. He keeps himself updated with the latest games and their prices. GST will impact the prices of goods and services across the industry and Rahul Baba is concerned whether his video games will become costly. Rahul baba gets a fixed amount of pocket money from his mom, and spends it on video games, cartoon posters and cartoon channel subscriptions on his television.

He is worried that he won’t be able to play the best games if the prices are increased. He has even raised the issue with the finance minister in parliament and conveyed that most of the children would suffer if the prices are increased. Finance minister has assured Rahul baba that he is working on a subsidy bill for video game makers and has promised to keep video games out of the purview of GST. The Chinese video game makers who are the major source of the product in India have congratulated Rahul Baba and have promised to launch a game name ‘Rahul Baba’ in the near future.

Well, Rahul haters should learn a lesson from this incident and should not have any further doubts about Rahul’s seriousness regarding welfare of the nation

Indian youth confused as to what to use the internet for after the ban on torrent websites

Indian youth is facing a new crisis. With the government tracking and bringing down torrent website to curb piracy, people are confused what should they do with Internet now. On an average an Indian youngster spends 4-5 hours daily downloading content from torrent sites. This was the major hobby of most of the students and teenagers and they were quite adapt at it.

Confused Indian Youth
Confused Indian Youth

Now that torrent sites are getting down one by one, the teenagers have to find an alternate hobby which would take years to develop. Youngsters are confused what they should do with a high speed internet connection. Social media apps don’t use too much of bandwidth and most of the Wi-Fi plans are going unused nowadays, which is a major worry for the youngsters.

Many teenagers are facing the torrent withdrawal syndrome and are fainting at late nights which is the time of downloading torrents. Parents are worried for their kids as torrent was a great way of keeping them busy and now they don’t have any other thing to do. Government is planning to open some counselling centers for students suffering the torrent syndrome. DVDs of latest movies will be given free for the first couple of months till the syndrome is tackled. The issue may take long to get fully resolved and students have to stay strong and support the government in doing so.

90 % MBA students who don’t get jobs advice others to pursue MBA for better job prospects

Do MBA and get a job of your choice is a thing of the past. Currently the job market is pretty gloomy and finding a correct job is matter of luck. There is a growing trend among the Indian youth to pursue MBA to have better job prospects. Most of the students are bored of their mundane jobs and are demanding more responsibilities, though MBA doesn’t give you any special responsibilities is a known fact.

In a recent survey done by our reporter Sanil Jain, a new issue has come to light. MBA grads not finding a job after pursuing MBA are the first ones to advise other students to pursue MBA. Most of them give suggestions about the colleges to join and how to crack the placement season. They use their experience of not getting a job to guide others in getting one. Well, we got to appreciate their courage. Most of the juniors who are confused about the next step in life try to take advice from people who they think are intellectuals. Little do they know that people giving them advice are the ones who had blindly followed someone else’s advice.

MBA grads laughing at their juniors
MBA grads laughing at their juniors

Most of the MBA grads are also setting up virtual consultancies for guiding the juniors and charging a hefty amount. They have made a list of prospective colleges based on the average packages and quality of the campus. This has made task easy for people seeking guidance in spending next 2 years in a good MBA college. Parents are the first one to register on such consultancy portals and are trying to give best education to their kids. They do know the fact that even if their kid doesn’t get through the placement process he/she would be able to open such consultancy which is a sure shot way to success

Hope this eases the chaos around selecting a good career option and passing on the advice to other prospects.

Government has ordered SBI employees has to donate a relief amount into Vijay Mallya account

SBI is bleeding under the 9000 crore ₹ bad loan created by Vijay Mallya. Meetings were held to recover the loan amount but Mallya has only returned 900 ₹ till now. According to him, he will return the pending amount by 2050. Government has appreciated Mallya for trying to clear his dues but compensating SBI is still a big challenge.


SBI management has finally found a way to come out of the Mallya mess
SBI management has finally found a way to come out of the Mallya mess

In a recent meeting conducted by acting Finance minister Mr. Subramaniam Swamy, SBI employees will be ordered to donate 10% of their salaries into the Vijay Mallya fund. According to the calculations done by the finance ministry, the full loan can be recovered by 2040 by this idea. Though, this has not come as a good news for the employees who are demanding the order to be terminated. SBI has threatened to fire employees who don’t comply with the Government orders and will also include this as a clause in the offer letter of new employees.

Vijay Mallya has assured government that all profit generated from Force India F1 team and RCB cricket team will be directed towards SBI for the fulfillment of loan recovery. Meanwhile he has promised free tickets for SBI employees for the RBC matches in the next season of IPL. Employees have a tough task at hand to deal with but they have made peace with the fact that they can see Kohli and Gayle bat for free

All U-Turns on Indian roads to be named as Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi speaks very less, but when he speaks you don’t understand what he is speaking. Something similar happened recently. First he spoke against the RSS, then he took back his comments and now he is back sticking to his older comments. Well, that sounds pretty confusing.

Rahul Gandhi happy with the acknowledgement
Rahul Gandhi happy with the acknowledgement








But this has been a trend in Rahul Gandhi’s political career. Now the Roads and Highways department of Indian government wants to dedicate all ‘U-Turns’ on Indian road to the congress heir. All U-Turn signs on roads will be replaced by a picture of Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul has never previously received such honor from the government, and according to him he relishes such honors. He will himself promote this initiative in all his political rallies, not in U.P though because U.P roads don’t have the U-turn sign, in fact U.P roads have no signs. Congress has thanked the BJP for honoring their president and have promised that they will use Advani ji picture on all sign gauges once they are in to power.

This shows the collaborative strength of the Indian democracy.

BJP MPs ask for internet package allowance to continuously tweet for PM Modi

Modi’s clout in the BJP is undoubted, his leadership has brought BJP to the forefront after a long gap of ten years. Ministers are leaving no stone unturned in communicating the achievements of the government on every platform possible. Every minster is seen tweeting or posting blogs about PM Modi. Sometimes it is also seen that the ministers tweet first and then PM Modi speaks on that issue.

Arun Jaitley discussing with Modiji and Advaniji about what budget to allocate for internet packs
Arun Jaitley discussing with Modiji and Advaniji about what budget to allocate for internet packs

Cabinet ministers like Ravi Shankar Prasad, Prakash Javdekar and Piyush Goyal are always the first ones to ride on the bandwagon. They have been exhausting their internet packages very soon, sometimes even in a single day and this has increased their expenses on the internet bills. According to them, they should be paid special allowances to cover for their net expenses so that they can talk about the PM at any given point of time.

Congress MPs have objected the demand as that would put extra burden on the taxpayer and would increase the government budget.