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Piyush Goyal: We are providing LEDs at ‘low cost’ so that you can check the quality of the ‘costly’ pulses even at night

Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal who is currently in London launched the Ujala Scheme related to the energy efficient LED bulbs on Saturday evening, reported news agency ANI. At the event, Goyal asked everyone to be a part of this revolution in energy efficiency. “All should become ambassadors of this revolution on energy efficiency become evangelists who will take this message far & wide,” he was quoted as saying by the agency.


But according to Piyush, the main advantage of the LED bulbs would be that people would be easily able to check the quality of pulses they are eating at night. People nowadays are complaining about the rising prices of the pulses and it would make sense for the government to provide good quality, if at all they are charging a premium

Piyush also added that the government will provide free LEDs at a later stage and the price will be recovered by making petrol and diesel more costly for the common man. Piyush also quoted Newton and said that ‘ Total cost is always constant, cost is just transferred from one place to another’.

Tejashwi Yadav: Just give me 5 days more to study what EVM is and then I will shift my focus to ‘Wannacry’

Close on the heels of a series of exposes by Bihar Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sushil Kumar Modi against Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, fresh details have emerged linking his younger son and Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav to an alleged shell company AB Export through which he got a posh property in Delhi’s New Friends Colony.


But that’s not what all is on Tejashwi’s plate. With the AAP allegation over the EVM tampering and other high profile scandals and news, he has to keep himself up to date with latest happenings. Currently he is in the process of understanding the term ‘EVM’ as he had never heard of that term before. He realized that he should learn about the term only when some journalists asked him about EVMs and he was not able to respond.

Yesterday when one of our reporters asked him if he had details about ‘wannacry’, Tejashwi ji said that currently he is in the process of learning about EVMs and it would be helpful for the citizens of Bihar. He has asked for 5 days’ time after which he surely will lokk into other matters one of which obviously is the ‘Wannacry’ virus attack.

Venkaiah Naidu: The term ‘Sarkar 3’ was coined by me to show ‘Modi Sarkar’s’ report card of 3 years, RGV stole it

Union Urban Development and Housing Minister M Venkaiah Naidu today said the country’s development depended on the progress of the states. He in fact told that he had coined the term ‘Sarkar 3’ to show the progress made by the Modi government in last 3 years, but the term was stolen by RGV (Ram Gopal varma)


M Venkaiah Naidu who is known for his catchphrases has given plenty of names for government schemes and other relevant entities. He proudly proclaimed that the country’s mission is MODI — Making Of a Developed India. Earlier, the minister had called the Prime Minister Modifier Of Developing India (Modi). There is also a parody account on twitter. The profile came into existence as recently as March, it makes reverse acronyms of names of political leaders, including Mr Naidu. Their Twitter bio spells out “NAIDU” as “National Acronym Innovation & Design University”

In fact the nation has been thinking that this is the sole job of Naidu in the cabinet. He has been given the task of spreading awareness about the government schemes and party leaders through the interesting medium of creating acronyms. And Mr. Naidu is very good at it. His opposition colleagues are also very interested while he rolls out acronym after acronyms. But, now that he has not produced or coined a new term in the last 5 days, the citizens are concerned. But Naidu has clarified that his acronyms and other terms which he makes are getting stolen and that’s the reason he is not able to speak those words in public.

‘Firauti Gangs’ will not be eligible for Bihar start-up funds: Nitish Kumar

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday released Bihar StartUp Policy 2017 and allocated Rs. 500 Crs for the startup fund. Even before the curious members attending the seminar raised any questions,

Nitish made it clear that Kidnapping gangs will not be considered as startups.


Even though Bihar Govt. has proactively taken steps to promote entrepreneurship, the only industry still providing guaranteed return on investments is the kidnapping industry. Every day new gangs come up in the industry and try to capture the market share from the existing Kidnappers. They have always being vocal in asking the govt to do something for budding kidnappers. Kidnapping gangs employ thousands of unemployed youth in Bihar and if it has to be run professionally government should provide them incentives.

Our Faking News reporter spoke to Mr. Siddharth Singh who recently launched his online kidnapping app named ‘KYT (kidnap your target)’, and he had this to say,” Our operating costs are increasing day by day, as customers who want us to kidnap someone have long payment cycles, but we have to pay salary to our workers(kidnappers). If government will not think about us, the industry will collapse. All we want is some interest free loan, and cooperation from the local police, to run our business profitably”

But Nitish Kumar is not the one to give in to such demands. He has made it absolutely clear that any Kidnapper approaching the government for help will be kidnapped arrested  by the police. He also said that Bihar government would welcome any anti-kidnapping startups which will help people live safely in Bihar and at the same time will give a tough time to the Kidnapping industry.

Well, it has to be seen how the 500 Crs is going to be used up and which startups are going to use it, but one things for sure Bihar government has given a tight slap on the face of the kidnapping industry

BJP: Kejriwal is trying to hamper the ‘cashless economy’ dream, should have taken 2 crs via digital payments

The allegation that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal received Rs. 2 crore cash has been referred by Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal to the anti-corruption branch of the police for investigation. Kapil Mishra, sacked as minister by Mr Kejriwal on the weekend, went public with the sensational charge on Sunday.


BJP, meanwhile has taken this opportunity to criticize Kejriwal for going against the government’s dream of a cashless society by accepting the bribery in cash.

One of the BJP officials said that,” taking bribery is normal for any politician but accepting cash for it is unacceptable, when the government is trying to fight black money. Kejriwal should have used one of the digital pay applications to accept it. He has been making mockery of government schemes by doing such petty things. Kejriwal should apologize to the people of India. Our party men also accept bribe but i can give u full transaction details of the same. That’s the power of digital payments”

Virat Kohli: Instead of spending money on players, we will spend it on creating artificial rain in Bengaluru during next IPL

With two wins from ten games in the 2017 Indian Premier League (IPL), Royal Challengers Bangalore are at the bottom of the league table. All the money spent on recruiting players has gone down the drain and skipper Virat Kohli thinks it would be better if the rain water goes down the drain and earns them a point during every home match. He has promised the supporters that his team will invest heavily in creating artificial rain in Bengaluru for his team to collect maximum points during home matches.


Critics believe that RCB’s best performance was during the rain washed game against the Sunrisers as that was the only match where their batsmen were not exposed by opposition bowlers. It has been a trend that 14 points are necessary for a team to qualify for playoffs and Kohli believes he has cracked the formula to get 7 out of those 14 points easily.

Kohli was answering the question related to team composition and he had this to say,” look, we cannot repair the damage done during this season, but we have surely made some plans for the next season. Bengaluru rain has given us one important point this season and we want to make it our important investment parameter for next season. The amount of money we spend on players is too much and it doesn’t guarantee success, but investing the same money on creating artificial rain will give us sure 7 points which will make our task easy to qualify for the playoffs.”

The other teams who are also exploring such options are the Gujarat Lions, Delhi Daredevils and also the Kings 11 Punjab teams. The team owners believe that not only will their purpose of getting points solved but they will also do a service to the nation reeling under the pressure of water scarcity. The government has announced that it will help the teams by making the best of technology available for the noble cause.

Mumbai guy adds ‘training people’ to his skillsets on CV, as his calls to customer care were recorded for training purposes

Competition in the job market is at an all-time high with candidates trying to acquire new skill sets to impress the recruiters. The number and types of certifications has also increased to cater to different types of industries.

Customer care

But major surprise was revealed in Mumbai when a guy updated his CV with a skill set known as ‘training employees’. On being asked in his interview about describing the skill set, he revealed that all his calls to the customer care were used for training and development purposes by the respective companies. This way he has trained many employees indirectly in many industries right from mobile, consumer electronics to automobiles.

We are talking about Siddharth Singh, who has been jobless since last 2 years, and to get a new job he has been looking to upgrade his skill sets every now and then but everything has gone for a toss. It was only recently that while speaking to a mobile operator customer executive on phone, he realized that his call was recorded for training purpose. And he decided to add the skill set on his CV.

Taking cue from Siddhu, as he is called in his friend circle, many are upgrading their skill set and are hoping interviewers will take note of their new skill

Nitin Gadkari: EVMs are tamper-proof, we had programmed them for AAP finishing 3rd but still AAP came 2nd in MCD polls

The MCD election results are out and not many are surprised by BJP’s clean sweep. Meanwhile AAP leaders have spent the day in blaming the tampered EVMs for their election disaster. So much so that BJP leader Nitin Gadkari had to clarify in a press conference that EVMs are tamper proof and that in spite of EVMs programmed for AAP to finish 3rd, AAP finished 2nd which shows no one has an expertise in tampering EVMs


gadkari-759 (1)

Manish Sissodiya was the first one to start the EVM debate today morning, when he said that tampered EVMs are a big threat to democracy and BJP has acquired expertise in tampering them after their Lok Sabha defeat in 2009. In fact all AAP leaders have been on auto answer mode and have not taken any responsibility of the MCD defeat upon themselves.

BJP needed a strong leader to answer back to the EVM accusations and who better than Nitin Gadkari. Gadkari stated this in an interview post the MCD results,” EVMs are completely tamper proof. Our volunteers had tried tampering it and program it in such a way that AAP finished 3rd in the elections, but AAP still finished 2nd which restores our faith into the security levels of an EVM. If AAP leaders feel so strongly about EVM tampering then how come even they don’t know the exact procedure of tampering an EVM in spite of their party leader being an IIT graduate.”

Election Commission has seconded Gadkari’s views and have challenged all political parties to try and tamper the EVMs. But their challenge comes with a condition, hat any party failing in their bid to tamper an EVM will lose the rights to contest the next polls. Congress which has finished 3rd in MCD polls has quickly taken back their EVM accusations as not contesting an election would be a newer low for an already suffering party

Person sues Facebook for showing him post saying ‘10 reasons to get married’, which encouraged him to get married

Addiction for social media can create havoc in your life and something similar happened in Mumbai recently. A person named Smit Talpade, who used to spend lot of hours on Facebook sued the social media company for indirectly helping to get him married.


Smit was always going through weird Facebook posts which show you reasons to do something or not. One such day he was reading a post titled ’10 reasons to get married’. He was so impressed by the post that he suddenly called up his parents and asked them to fix up his marriage.

What happened next was something he had not dreamt off. His wife has been giving him a torturous time and he has only Facebook to blame for this condition. In a letter to the Facebook CEO, he has written that he had trusted Facebook throughout his life but the recent happening has taken away all the trust and he wants Facebook to pay him compensation for creating the urge to get married.

Man spends lot of data recharges for updating digital pay apps, left with no money to do actual transactions

Digital payments have shown a huge jump after the demonetization move by the Modi government. All major forms of digital payments, Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) along with mobile wallets and plastic cards have made transactions simpler. But with the growing number of digital pay applications, it is becoming a headache for the common man to decide which one to use. Recently a man who spent lot of internet data recharges to update every payment app ended up with no money left in his pocket to do actual transaction on any digital pay app.


Yes, we are talking about a middle class man named Jagdish Srivastava, who is a mid level employee at a retail company. Jagdish has installed 13 applications for digital payments. He has been using them since last 3 months and is habituated of using the digital channel for most of his payments. But with so many applications and each one offering some offer or another, he has been continuously spending lots of internet data in keeping the apps updated and also installing new apps.

Our Faking News reporter spoke to Jagdish and he had this to say,” At first it was an easy process, but once i got addicted to digital payments, my life has become hell. For example, yesterday I had 200 Rs left in my payTM wallet and had to order food. But as my internet package got expired, I had to spend those 200 Rs on recharging for the internet. In fact that’s what am doing since last 2 months. Because the digital pay apps need continuous up gradation and also I have developed this habit of installing any new payment application which comes in the market. Even a small offer like a 1 Re cashback, I get attracted to install the application. I appeal to the government to please regulate the number of applications allowed in the market”

Like Jagdish, many would be facing the same problem, so it’s in best interest of everyone to use the apps as per the convenience and not to derive any incentives out of it.