BJP selling PM’s mann ki baat DVDs with the cover name ‘latest hits of Arijit Singh’

admin 16 October ,2016

Arijit Singh has been a sensation ever since he started singing in bollywood. All his songs are memorable and filled with emotions. Romance, break ups, party, sadness you name it and Arijit has it. He has collaborated with upcoming music directors to give us some gems.

PM Modi's mann ki baat
‘PM Modi’s mann ki baat’


But there are people who want to use Arijit’s popularity to seel their products of ideas. The latest example being the mann ki baat team of our PM. Just when they realized that people are losing interest in the weekly talk delivered by our PM, his team has come up with a new strategy to boost promotions.

PM Modi’s marketing team has decided to sell mann ki baat DVDs with the cover name as ‘latest hits of Arijit Singh’. Young people who are Arijit’s fans will buy the DVDs and wll have to forcibly listen to our PM’s speeches.

With every DVD, you will also get a poster of PM Modi directly delivered to your home after 5 days of the purchase. Also lucky customers will be able to meet PM Modi in 2020, given the fact that he wins the 2019 elections.

Arijit is happy that his popularity is helping the nation to listen to it’s PM and his innovative ideas. Only problem is the opposition. Now the congress has decided that they will sell Rahul gandhi’s CDs under the cover name ‘Jagjit Singh ki nagme’. 

Unlucky will be the people who will buy the Jagjit Singh CDs with high hopes, only for their hopes to be dashed later.



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admin 16 October ,2016