Byju’s announces a crash course in DRS for the Indian Cricket team

admin 04 March ,2017

Byju’s, which seeks to alter the way students learn, offers programmes for children from Classes IV to XII, besides preparing graduates for competitive exams—CAT, IAS, GRE and GMAT. The focus is on making learning visual and contextual, rather than just theoretical. The startup leverages technology and data to offer personalised lessons

Byju's comes to the rescue of the Indian team
Byju’s comes to the rescue of the Indian team

Much like a  desperate student, Virat Kohli’s use of the Decision Review System in the ongoing home season, has bordered on the illogical. On most occasions, it has felt like Kohli goes for a review just because he badly wants a wicket. It’s almost as if he has used DRS as a wish-granting genie more than a tool to review decisions

He may have been a vocal advocate of DRS but the Indian captain’s dismal success ratio indicates that calling for referrals is not exactly his ‘calling card’.

This has prompted Byju’s to design a crash course in DRS, which will help the Indian team in using the review system easily in the long run. The classes will be held on days when India is not playing, and for players like Shikhar Dhawan, it will be an daily affair as he is not in the team.

DRS was not the reason India lost the match in Pune but it won’t be long before a poorly taken review could come back to bite India in the backside. It is not just bowling, batting and fielding that Kohli’s men must improve in Bengaluru when the second Test begins on Saturday

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admin 04 March ,2017