Delhi will still accept 1000 and 500 notes as people can’t see the denomination in smog

admin 08 November ,2016

The government rule to ban all 500 and 1000 Rs notes has come as a major shock for people sitting on piles of the specified denominations. Most of the sufferers are the people with stocks of black money who will now have to declare the amount.


People are going to Delhi in groups to use the 1000 and 500 Rs notes which they have in abundance. Delhi will accept the notes till the smog clears and there are no chances of the smog clearing anytime soon.

In fact in Delhi you can even use denomination with picture of Salman Khan on it as people wont be able to see it. Delhi would be crowded in the coming days and it would be difficult for the Delhi government after some days to clear the stocks of all old note.

Till the smog clears, pack your bags and go to Delhi.




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admin 08 November ,2016