Fair & Lovely takes offence in Serena Williams winning so many titles without using their products

admin 04 October ,2016

Fair & Lovely has always promoted itself as a brand which gives confidence to women in achieving their dreams. Their ads always show women achieving greater heights after using their products.


But Serena Williams has put an end to their claim. She has achieved something which only few women can even dream of, i.e. 22 grand slam titles. She has the record of being the no1 player for the longest duration in women’s tennis.

Recently fair & lovely management team held a meeting to discuss the impact of Serena Williams on the sale of their products. According to them she is the reason for their sales taking a hit. They have even planned out an ad campaign where they would show Serena as an exception of achieving dreams without using fair & lovely.

Fair & Lovely has asked its employees to prepare a list of women who are achieving things without using their products. They will all be covered under the exceptional women category.

Well, let’s see how they get their sales back, but full marks for their efforts

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admin 04 October ,2016