Q.1: What is funfunnykhez?

Ans: Anything that adds a dash of humor and craziness in day to day news is what we call funfunnykhez

Q.2: Is any of the news true?

Ans: lol. you should read the answer to the first question. We only deal with funny news, sarcasm, parody and everything which is far away from real news. So, if you find anything real in our news, then maybe the real news items have become funny nowadays.

Q.3: Your articles are hurting sentiments. Why do you do that?

Ans. Follow us closely for 1 day and go through our material meticulously, we bet you will not ask this question again. Read, write, refer and enjoy. Life is too short to hurt anyone

Q.4: Don’t you guys copy Faking News?

Ans. We are a big fan of Mr. Rahul Roushan. He opened up this new sector for budding writers and we are just playing to the gallery. Everyone has a sense of humor and we are trying to bring it out in the digital medium

Q.5: How to use your platform to reach out to the larger audience?

Ans: Extremely easy! Click on the submit article icon on our homepage and we will explain you everything. Don’t hesitate. Start writing!