Former Karnataka CM SM Krishna to join BJP, says the only way to defeat them is by making them function like Congress

admin 03 April ,2017

Former Karnataka Chief Minister SM Krishna is all set to join the BJP, seven weeks after quitting Congress, in a move which is surely going to send some ripples in the Congress. But according to the former CM, his move is aimed at defeating BJP by making it function like the Congress.

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Krishna, apparently, had quit Congress on 29th Jan stating the reason that the party is in a confused state and it is not using the mass leaders to counter the Modi wave. Krishna, who was the Karnataka CM from 1999 to 2004, has seen two continuous Modi waves to reach his decision.

Speaking to Faking news reporter at his residence, this is what Krishna had to say, “ I don’t know about other Congress leaders, but I strongly feel that there is a humongous Modi wave in the country, I had told this to Rahulji but he said ‘ye wave wave kuch nahi hota’. But I know how to help my party gain power again. More and more senior congress leaders should join BJP and make it function like the Congress. This is the only way out”

Meanwhile, the Congress leaders have labelled Krishna as an opportunist who shifts base with the direction of the flowing wind. But there are some leaders like AK Antony and Kapil Sibbal who have not entirely rejected SM Krishna’s logic.

When our reporter asked Amit Shah about this news, he said that no Congress leader can change the functioning of BJP as all party decisions are taken by him and Modiji, so there is no point worrying about anyone joining BJP from a rival party. In fact he has invited Congress leaders with the incentive that the sooner you come the better your chance to be a union minister.

Well, only time will tell whether Krishna’s plan works or not, but he has surely given some food for thought to the Congress workers who are constantly finding ways to defeat the BJP

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admin 03 April ,2017