FunFunnyKhez would appreciate contributions in terms of articles (not more than 400 words), Photos, Videos etc. which are satirical in nature and funny. The editor will take a final call on publishing matters according to our editorial practices.
Who should contribute to FunFunnyKhez?
“You are good at communication”. “Your levels of general knowledge is pretty high”. Just kidding. You should be good at poking fun at almost everything on this planet
You should be possessing a strong urge to communicate your ideas and stories through satires and catchy contents
You are not a strong believer of criteria and rules. People who dint read the 1st and 2nd criteria are the type of people we are looking for
We have different categories where you can contribute; Funnion ( A funny article in less than 60 words), Phata Poster Nikla Zero (Photos or Videos which are catchy and related to current affairs), Normal Articles ( With a word limit of 400 words catering to Politics, India, World, Entertainment etc.)

You will have your own author page with all your contributions, a brief profile description and a profile pic. You can use this profile page to let people know of your valuable contributions.

This section will not help you get a new job, neither will it propel you to the heights of journalism, but it surely will give you a chance to have a dedicated audience for yourself.
So what are you waiting for? Take out time from your busy schedule and REGISTER HERE. Oh, who am I kidding; if you are going through this page, I am pretty sure you are not busy.
You can also email news reports, cartoons, photo shopped posters and videos at with the subject line ‘Submission – “title of your contribution”’. We will make minor changes in the content if required.

Let’s make some FunFunnyKhez news for our readers!!