Gutkha sales in U.P on an all time low as people busy eating free food at election rallies

admin 13 February ,2017

Pan masala and gutka may be off the shelves in shops, but the banned tobacco products continue to be sold clandestinely to regular customers.

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Despite a government order issued a month ago banning the manufacture, storage, distribution and sale of gutka and pan masala, sales continue unabated across U.P

But the sales are on an all time low as people are busy eating lots of free food at election rallies distributed by parties wooing people for vote. The free food includes Biryani, desserts, starters and lots more, the food is so tasty that people have forgotten eating their favorite food; that is Gutkha.

Gutkha sellers are waiting for the elections to end soon so that the sales pick up and they don’t have to suffer anymore.


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admin 13 February ,2017