Kejriwal : Delhi smog due to smoke released by Modiji’s foreign trip flights

admin 03 November ,2016

Delhiites woke up to apocalyptic grey skies as a heavy smog hung over the city on Wednesday, reducing visibility to its lowest for the month of November in many years.

Smog is the new political issue
‘Smog is the new political issue’


The air quality was so poor that it was comparable to the post-Di wali spike in pollution

But Kejriwal has brought an another angle to the whole problem. According to Kejriwal, the smog is caused by the smoke produced by Modiji’s planes when he boards them for his foreign visits.

Kejriwal also went on to add that even BJP ministers who are visiting different parts of the country in private planes are the reason for the smog.

Modi has denied such accusations and in return has accused Kejriwal of flying frequently to Gujarat and Punjab for the up coming elections. Vijay Mallya has promised government that if he is allowed to fly Kingfisher again, he will make sure that emissions from his flights are way below that of his competitors.





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admin 03 November ,2016