Nawaz Sharif: “Pakistan is a peaceful nation.Osama lived here for 10 years peacefully”

admin 31 January ,2017

Pakistan leaders have always been tactically brilliant but poor long-term strategists. The move on Monday to place five Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) leaders, including its emir Hafiz Muhammad Saeed who has $10 million bounty on his head, under detention by Islamabad is a pre-emptive step aimed to counter any action by US President Donald Trump to put Pakistani nationals or people of Pakistani origin on the entry ban list


Prime minister Nawaz Sharif has also reiterated the fact that Pakistan is a peaceful state, and that Osama lived peacefully for 10 years in Pakistan. He has promised that every terrorist in the world can come to Pakistan and live peacefully without any stress. They will be provided skill development training for making bombs, suicide attacks and also fighting the U.S forces.

Trump has lauded this call from Nawaz and has promised that U.S will not attack Pakistan till it maintains such peace as conveyed by Nawaz Sharif.


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admin 31 January ,2017