Nitin Gadkari: EVMs are tamper-proof, we had programmed them for AAP finishing 3rd but still AAP came 2nd in MCD polls

admin 27 April ,2017

The MCD election results are out and not many are surprised by BJP’s clean sweep. Meanwhile AAP leaders have spent the day in blaming the tampered EVMs for their election disaster. So much so that BJP leader Nitin Gadkari had to clarify in a press conference that EVMs are tamper proof and that in spite of EVMs programmed for AAP to finish 3rd, AAP finished 2nd which shows no one has an expertise in tampering EVMs


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Manish Sissodiya was the first one to start the EVM debate today morning, when he said that tampered EVMs are a big threat to democracy and BJP has acquired expertise in tampering them after their Lok Sabha defeat in 2009. In fact all AAP leaders have been on auto answer mode and have not taken any responsibility of the MCD defeat upon themselves.

BJP needed a strong leader to answer back to the EVM accusations and who better than Nitin Gadkari. Gadkari stated this in an interview post the MCD results,” EVMs are completely tamper proof. Our volunteers had tried tampering it and program it in such a way that AAP finished 3rd in the elections, but AAP still finished 2nd which restores our faith into the security levels of an EVM. If AAP leaders feel so strongly about EVM tampering then how come even they don’t know the exact procedure of tampering an EVM in spite of their party leader being an IIT graduate.”

Election Commission has seconded Gadkari’s views and have challenged all political parties to try and tamper the EVMs. But their challenge comes with a condition, hat any party failing in their bid to tamper an EVM will lose the rights to contest the next polls. Congress which has finished 3rd in MCD polls has quickly taken back their EVM accusations as not contesting an election would be a newer low for an already suffering party

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admin 27 April ,2017