Pakistan promises to stop terrorism after Shahid Afridi retires

admin 04 October ,2016

The latest attacks at the Army base in Uri has put Pakistan under utter shame and embarrassment. India has strongly condemned the attacks and has vowed to teach Pakistan a lesson.

The ball is in Afridi's court
The ball is in Afridi’s court

PM Modi and Rajnath Singh have come out with strong verbal attack on the neighbor and have asked the international community to put some pressure on Pakistan. Pakistan meanwhile, has promised that they will stop terrorism as soon as Shahid Afridi retires from cricket permanently.

Afridi has been retiring every year from Cricket and then announcing his comeback. This is the same thing with terrorism. Pakistan has vowed to stop it but they again and again come up with new terrorism plans, one of which was unleashed in Uri.

With the latest statement, Pakistan has clearly indicated that it would not stop terrorism, as we all know that Afridi would never retire. The cricket community also wants Afridi to retire so that terrorism stops and also Afridi’s mediocre cricketing presence stops.

The ball is in the court of Afridi who last played in the T20 world cup. He has not yet announced his retirement and doesn’t plan to retire in the near future. Indian government is even planning to send Virat Kohli to convince Afridi that he doesn’t have a career in cricket and should indeed retire. Kohli who was always our cricketing hero can now be our war hero too.

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admin 04 October ,2016