Parents shifting their children to Hindi medium schools after Sehwag opens scope in Hindi commentary

admin 12 October ,2016

Virender Sehwag has two triple centuries in Test cricket. Those are fastest and third fastest triple centuries in the world. A lot of his success boils down to his uninhibited attitude.

thanks to Sehwag
‘thanks to Sehwag’

When Sehwag retired, a lot of his fans thought they were losing that desi charm forever. But the Nawab of Nazafgarh is back in the commentary box and he’s just as uninhibited in his commentary as his batting.

During his stints in the Hindi commentary box, Sehwag has come up with comments full of quirks and quips. Sehwag is so brilliant with his one liners that cricket watching has become more interesting than cricket playing.

Parents are realizing the scope in Hindi commentary for their children. In fact most of the parents are shifting their children from English medium schools to hindi medium schools.

The enrollment in English schools have gone down to a historic low. There was a time when commentators like maninder Singh and Mohinder Amarnath had made people run away from listening to commentary.

With Sehwag coming in the scenario has completely changed. Even Laxman realized the importance of hindi due to which he learned hindi and is able to utter many sentences in Hindi nowadays.

Modi government is impressed by this return of respect towards the national language. Let’s hope for a great future in Hindi commentary. Thank you Viru Paaji


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admin 12 October ,2016

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