Most of the people standing in the senior citizen queues are current JNU students

admin 19 November ,2016

Government finally gave up to the criticism it is facing due to the inconvenience caused to most of the citizens. Saturday was strictly a senior citizen day for all the bank queues.


Though people are happy, it is shocking to know that most of the people standing in queues are  current JNU students. The JNU students have a habit of not passing out of colleges at the required year and always extending their stay in college by either faking in exams or actually failing the exams

So it was actually not a surprise to see 55-60 year old JNU students standing in the senior citizen queues. Government is afraid that with so many JNU students in the queue, there are chances of some unwanted and anto social activities so the law and order machinery is taking extra precaution in arranging police force.



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admin 19 November ,2016