Person sues Facebook for showing him post saying ‘10 reasons to get married’, which encouraged him to get married

admin 25 April ,2017

Addiction for social media can create havoc in your life and something similar happened in Mumbai recently. A person named Smit Talpade, who used to spend lot of hours on Facebook sued the social media company for indirectly helping to get him married.


Smit was always going through weird Facebook posts which show you reasons to do something or not. One such day he was reading a post titled ’10 reasons to get married’. He was so impressed by the post that he suddenly called up his parents and asked them to fix up his marriage.

What happened next was something he had not dreamt off. His wife has been giving him a torturous time and he has only Facebook to blame for this condition. In a letter to the Facebook CEO, he has written that he had trusted Facebook throughout his life but the recent happening has taken away all the trust and he wants Facebook to pay him compensation for creating the urge to get married.

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admin 25 April ,2017