Raj Babbar resigns from the U.P Congress presidency; finally, people know “who was the Congress U.P president”?

admin 20 March ,2017

Raj Babbar has offered to resign from the post of Uttar Pradesh Congress chief after his party’s disastrous performance in the just concluded in the state. Congress was able to muster only 7 seats which was even lower than the 9 seats won by Apna dal. This was nothing less than humiliation for Babbar as he was not able to reignite people’s faith in Congress.



But, Congress losing the election is the news which has taken a back seat. The most important and breaking news for people is the fact that they are now aware as to who was the U.P Congress chief. Congress has been projecting the Gandhi family with the hope that the popularity and history of the family will convert into seats for them. In doing so they completely forgot to tell people about their Leader in U.P which obviously was Raj Babbar.

Well, this can be taken as a lesson by Congress for the upcoming state elections in Gujarat. BJP should be thankful to the voters for supporting them, because they had made the same mistake as Congress. Even as people are praising PM Modi and Amit Shah for the historic win, no one actually knows about the BJP U.P chief.

Well, when you win your flaws are rarely noticed by people, unless you are Shikhar Dhawan, where people always see a flaw in your skill. AAP is a party which dint bore this brunt from the people, as people already knew whom to blame for its loses in Goa and Punjab. Seems like the position of AAP state chief is shielded from any kind of pressures which other party chiefs have to go through.

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admin 20 March ,2017