Sanjay Dutt injures himself during shoot, as Raju Hirani thought it would add drama to his biopic

admin 28 March ,2017

Sanjay Dutt was recently seen shooting for the climax sequences of ‘Bhoomi’, his comeback movie. But the comeback was not as pleasant as he got injured during the shoot and the shooting had to be halted for good 3-4 days as it is feared that he is having a hairline fracture. But our correspondents have found that it is a ploy to make his biopic more interesting.


As we all know that Raju Hirani is making the Sanjay Dutt biopic with Ranbir Kapoor in the lead. There is news doing media rounds that the injury was planned by Raju and Sanjay to make his biopic more interesting. The biopic had all incidents of Sanjay’s life, but it dint have any instances showing an injured Sanjay Dutt. The shooting schedule of Bhoomi gave Raju an opportunity to plan the injury. Sanjay faked injury and a press conference was called to circulate this news.

At the press conference Raju had this to say to our Faking News reporter,” I plan to include Sanjay’s injury incident in the biopic which will add drama and also derive the audience’s sympathy for Sanju’s character played by Ranbir. Sanju’s life has been full of incidents and I have worked hard to cover them all. Ranbir will be doing the scene in exact manner which Sanju did while getting injured and will get tips from Sanju to get the act correct”

Not only this, Raju has planned many more incidents in the coming months which can then be added directly into the movie. All the scenarios have been discussed with Sanju and he’s on board to help his Munnabhai director. Raju, thus becomes the first director to create live instances and then using them in the biopic. This would really take him a long way in getting the Oscars one day. Till then we can surely and eagerly wait for the biopic to get transformed into a cinematic gem.

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admin 28 March ,2017