Sushant Singh Rajpoot : first person who became Coach first and then Player in Indian Cricket Team. #KaiPoChe to #Dhoni

admin 04 October ,2016

Sushant Singh Rajpoot will create history with the release of his movie MS Dhoni-The untold story. His cricketing skills were never doubted in KaiPoChe as he coached a youngster who goes on to become a world class cricketer.


But it has never happened in the history of cricket that a cricketer first becomes a coach and then goes on to play cricket for India. Sushant will make that happen on 25th September. He has been practicing very hard and has got good compliments from Mahi himself. Sushant has played the helicopter shot as well as Dhoni in the movie.

On being asked what he considers of the world record Sushant said that it’s all because of his sheer passion for the game. He has been playing cricket since his childhood days and was very eager to portray such characters on celluloid.

On his transition from coach to player, Sushant said that being a coach was much easier; he just had to criticize players and help them improve their skills, while playing was a different pressure all together. He had to spend ample time in the nets something which even cricketers like Shikhar Dhawan and Suresh Raina don’t do.

Well, the jury will be out on 25th September!


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admin 04 October ,2016