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Bank gives only 350 in exchange of 500 to Junior Bachchan, after cutting the refund of Housefull 3

Abhishek Bachchan has been going through lot of embarrassing situations off late. No solo releases, a legendary father, an extremely talented wife and a mediocre career; this are things haunting Abhishek since long.

Housefull 3 is haunting Abhishek Bachchan
Housefull 3 is haunting Abhishek Bachchan

We do remember how after giving us 17 flops, he finally established himself as a bollywood actor. But off late directors are not showing faith in his ability to pull in crowds on a friday.

But something more embarrassing happened yesterday. Abhishek, who had a single 500 Rs note went to the  nearest bank to exchange it for the new note, but he received only 350 Rs from the bank employee.

The reason will shock you but its a genuine one. The bank employee had seen Housefull 3 recently at a theater and wanted refund, so he cut 150 Rs, the ticket amount he had spent  while exchanging Abhishek’s 500 Rs note.

Abhishek is very dissapointed as 150 Rs matters a lot to him and has vowed to earn the money back by working hard. Well, we can wish some luck to Junior Bachchan





Most news channels show long queues at bank counters; Doordarshan showing 500 Rs note is not yet banned

Doordarshan has always lagged behind the modern channels in terms of responding to a news quickly. Their broadcasting systems are outdated, their journalists are have crossed their expiry dates and their producers are not bothered about the channel any more.

Doordarshan is way behind the current news channels
‘Doordarshan is way behind the current news channels’


Same came true for the recent news items on the ban of 500 and  1000 Rs notes in Indian markets. Most of the news channels are covering the news and showing long queues outside the banks in India, but Doordarshan has still not received the news. In fact Doordarshan is broadcasting news about Israel president’s India visit, throughout the day on their channel.

Watching Doordarshan can throw you back some 10 years behind the current timeline and you may lose all sense of current news. But finally the producers have taken this blunder in account and have promised to cover the most important news going forward. Well lets hope some sense prevails and we get to hear recent news items on our oldest channel in India.



Aamir Khan will exchange his old currency notes, only after reading the full script of Modi’s speech

Aamir Khan as we all know is the perfectionist of Bollywood. Very rarely has he done a movie without reading the script in totality. There is a funny incident where he asked Farah Khan for the script of Om Shanti Om just do to a guest appearance.

Aamir Khan again shows what a perfectionist he is
Aamir Khan again shows what a perfectionist he is


So when it came to exchanging his old 500 and 1000 currency notes for the new ones, Aamir being Aamir stuck to his principles. He will go through the entire script of Modiji’s speech and understand properly the reason behind the demonitization. Only then will he replace the older notes with the new one.

BJP has again termed Aamir as a anti national and according to them Aamir criticizes every thing proposed by Modi ji.

In fact they want Aamir to leave India, which even Kiran Rao had suggested some time back. But Aamir expects the politicians to respect his process through which he has delivered some of the most amazing cinematic geniuses over the years. Aamir has promised that once he is through the complete script, he will himself go to the bank and replace the notes.