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Congress party to sell off crackers they had bought for 2014 elections, for the coming Diwali

BJP won with a thumping majority in the 2014 general elections. Projecting Modi as a PM candidate worked wonders for the party. Congress meanwhile suffered an embarrassing loss with UPA getting only 60 seats.

Congress party coming together for a noble cause
‘Congress party coming together for a noble cause’

Congress party offices are full of fire crackers the party had bought for celebrations post victory. But none were used and the stock is lying untouched.

With funds being a big issue for the non ruling party, normal party working is getting impacted. Finally Rahul Gandhi has decided to sell off all the crackers at a discounted rate in the open market, which will give them enough funds till next Diwali.

People spend a lot of money on crackers for their children and Congress party wants to play a small role in bringing happiness during Diwali.  BJP Bihar office has also a large pile of crackers at their office as they lost the 2016 Bihar elections. BJP senior management has also decided to contribute to this noble cause.

Finally we can boycott the Chinese crackers  and buy Indian made crackers at a discounted rates from the party offices.