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Indian army accuses Nokia of giving Kashmiris an alternative for stones by relaunching the 3310

The way smartphones are ruling the roost, they will soon all but have the kitchen sink fitted into them – technically they just might be able to, thanks to modular phones. With ever newer iPhones (with no useful features) and phones with more powerful computing capabilities than the world’s first supercomputer, it is sometimes terribly refreshing to take a step backwards

Nokia 3310 is a major threat to security
Nokia 3310 is a major threat to security

And who better than Nokia, the once ruler of the mobile phones market, to reboot one of its hardiest and most iconic phone models – the Nokia 3310. Yes, the phone everyone has seen in their childhood, that had nothing but endless hours of Snake (the game) to offer, is soon going to be back in business – with a few improvements, of course

But this has not gone down well with the Indian army which is fighting constant stone pelting in Kashmir. According to the Army, the 3310 will give another option to the separatists to throw at them. And according to latest reports, injuries caused by Nokia 3310 are far worse than that caused by stones. The government plans to levy a hefty excise duty on Nokia 3310 to inhibit its sales in Kashmir.