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Kiran Rao makes butter chicken only after Aamir reads the recipe 2-3 times and gives suggestions

With his 2008 action romance film Ghajini, actor Aamir Khan established two trends in the industry — innovative promotional campaigns and transformation of one’s body to fit into the skin of the character, quite literally

Aamir at his best
Aamir at his best


Now the makers of his next Nitesh Tiwari’s Dangal have released a Fat to Fit video that traces Khan’s transformation from a stout 97 kg man to a fit man flaunting six packs. However, this time Aamir invested double the efforts for a film as his biopic on wrestler Mahavir Phogat travels from his younger days as a formidable wrestler to his older days as the aged father of two teenagers

But the levels of his perfection have reached newer heights. Recently it came to light that Kiran Rao got a taste of Aamir’s perfection in an unexpected way. She was making butter chicken for her husband. But Aamir kept on reading the recipe just like a movie script and gave so many suggestions that it took Kiran 5 days to make the butter chicken.


Aamir Khan will exchange his old currency notes, only after reading the full script of Modi’s speech

Aamir Khan as we all know is the perfectionist of Bollywood. Very rarely has he done a movie without reading the script in totality. There is a funny incident where he asked Farah Khan for the script of Om Shanti Om just do to a guest appearance.

Aamir Khan again shows what a perfectionist he is
Aamir Khan again shows what a perfectionist he is


So when it came to exchanging his old 500 and 1000 currency notes for the new ones, Aamir being Aamir stuck to his principles. He will go through the entire script of Modiji’s speech and understand properly the reason behind the demonitization. Only then will he replace the older notes with the new one.

BJP has again termed Aamir as a anti national and according to them Aamir criticizes every thing proposed by Modi ji.

In fact they want Aamir to leave India, which even Kiran Rao had suggested some time back. But Aamir expects the politicians to respect his process through which he has delivered some of the most amazing cinematic geniuses over the years. Aamir has promised that once he is through the complete script, he will himself go to the bank and replace the notes.



Emran Hashmi : Kissing is the only solution to be safe from smog

“Someone asked me that the new kids started doing it (kissing) on the screen, but I feel very foolish to say this, but it is more evolved after years of practice… The things what I do these amateurs can’t do,” said Bollywood’s ‘serial kisser’, Emraan Hashmi, when he was asked about newcomers in Bollywood who are making attempts to steal his crown away.

kissing is the new solution to be safe from SMOG
‘kissing is the new solution to be safe from SMOG’


But according to Emran, kissing and smooching can be a solution to the smog issue in Delhi, as kissing would not allow you to breathe in the polluted air.

He has suggested couples to keep on kissing continuously till the smog clears out. He has even organized some training camps for teaching  kissing skills.

'kissing is the new solution to be safe from SMOG'
‘kissing is the new solution to be safe from SMOG’

He has requested girls to not deny kisses to guys and has asked couples also to cooperate to help each other during this testing times.

Other actors like Aamir Khan, john Abraham have also joined the campaign. Mahesh Bhatt will direct all the kisses and has distributed free DVDs of Jism for Delhites to learn the tricks of the trade.




Sequel to Raja Hindustani planned; Aamir to play role of an OLA driver

Raja Hindustani was a big hit during the 90s. It is movie which deserves a sequel, after all we have sequels for  Houseful, Murder and Raaz which make no sense at all.

Aamir Khan practicing to drive an OLA
‘Aamir Khan practicing to drive an OLA’

The biggest difference between the two installments of Raja Hindustani is that in the new one Aamir will play the role of an OLA driver as nowadays OLA appeals to the youth rather than the normal taxis.

Karishma Kapoor will play the role of a rich daughter which she essayed in part 1, the story will be similar with the only difference being the income of Aamir Khan as OLA drivers earn a lot nowadays.

Aamir will be seen in a stylish avatar compared to the first installment. He will be shown telling stories to his passengers just like OLA drivers do nowadays. Dharmesh Darshan will try to rope in OLA as an travelling partner to fund a major part of the film.

Aamir Khan is seen practicing for the role by actually driving some ola cabs in and around Mumbai. He was seen in a disguised avatar to prevent too much of crowd disturbing him.

OLA is very happy with the brand association and has promised to pump more money into the venture


Government blames Bajaj for the poor state of wrestling in India as it stopped the production of scooters

There is one thing common between all wrestling movies in India. Be it Sultan, be it Dangal, the protagonist uses the same mode of transport, i.e Bajaj scooters.


Salman and Aamir, both promoting the scooter
‘Salman and Aamir, both promoting the scooter’


Salman was seen riding one and now even Aamir has taken forward the tradition. It is a fact that wrestlers still use this old mode of transport and they are comfortable in it. This has given an opportunity to pass on the blame for the poor condition of wrestling in India on to Bajaj which for a long time now has stopped the production of scooters.

Bajaj has welcomed the criticism and has drawn out a plan to revive the acceptable mode of transport in smaller cities. They even want to associate with Dangal for promotion purposes. Bajaj has promised that it will keep the scooters very cost effective so that all wrestlers can afford it and their commute between home and stadium will be comfortable.

Companies like Honda and TVS are also in talks to launch special edition vehicles designed for the wrestlers. Its good that movies like Sultan and Dangal are bringing us closer on our traditional sport like wrestling.