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BJP: Kejriwal is trying to hamper the ‘cashless economy’ dream, should have taken 2 crs via digital payments

The allegation that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal received Rs. 2 crore cash has been referred by Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal to the anti-corruption branch of the police for investigation. Kapil Mishra, sacked as minister by Mr Kejriwal on the weekend, went public with the sensational charge on Sunday.


BJP, meanwhile has taken this opportunity to criticize Kejriwal for going against the government’s dream of a cashless society by accepting the bribery in cash.

One of the BJP officials said that,” taking bribery is normal for any politician but accepting cash for it is unacceptable, when the government is trying to fight black money. Kejriwal should have used one of the digital pay applications to accept it. He has been making mockery of government schemes by doing such petty things. Kejriwal should apologize to the people of India. Our party men also accept bribe but i can give u full transaction details of the same. That’s the power of digital payments”

Delhi people going to Punjab to vote for kejri as Punjab CM, so that he leaves Delhi

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal has found a worthy opponent in the Congress party‘s Captain Amarinder Singh – at least on Twitter.

Arvind Kejriwal

If not in matching him repartee to repartee, Amarinder’s proven he’s a worthy match for Kejriwal when it comes to stick-to-itiveness on the microblogging site – much a la Donald Trump.

But Delhiites are so fed up of Kejriwal that they are booking tickets for Punjab, to go there and vote for Kejriwal as Punjab CM, so that he leaves Delhi.

Kejriwal is aware of all such plans and has tried to block all reservations, but people are finding new ways like travelling by a cycle, no pun intended towards the Samajwadi party here, but Kejri’s time in Delhi seems to be numbered, given the thinking shown by the fed up people.

Kejriwal, on other hands wants to be the CM of both Punjab and Delhi at the same time, and is leaving no stone upturned in promoting his party as the only clean party in India.

Kejriwal: Fidel Castro died because of long hours in ATM queue

The cause of death has not yet been revealed but  Fidel Castro had been in poor health since he nearly died of an intestinal illness in 2006. Castro came to power in 1959 and ushered in a Communist revolution.

Fidel Castro's death becomes a mystery
Fidel Castro’s death becomes a mystery


Kejriwal is using this opportunity for gaining political mileage. According to Kejriwal, Fidel Castro died as he was standing for 3 hrs continuously in an ATM queue to withdraw the new currency notes. The exact place and timing of the death were not confirmed by Kejriwal, but he is rest assured that Castro dies due to demonetization.

Even Mamta Banerjee, Laloo prasad yadav and other opposition leaders feel that kejriwal’s allegations are correct and have requested an unbiased inquiry into the death so that the truth comes out.



Kejriwal : Throwing ink at me is better than printing chetan bhagat books from that ink

Kejriwal  has been embarrassed by people for his comments on the surgical strikes. People are outraged by his comments on the government and subsequently his distrust in the army.

Kejriwal bearing the brunt of an ink attack
‘Kejriwal bearing the brunt of an ink attack’


AAP MLAs are now used to ink been thrown at their faces. It has been happening since their failure  to implement the changes they promised in Delhi. Kejriwal has been termed a opportunist who is not leaving any matter including the national security to ear some political brownie points.

Recently at a media briefing he was attacked by a person who threw ink at his face. This was the time we saw the funny side of Kejriwal for the very first time.

Kejriwal commented that the ink thrown at his face is a better use of ink than printing Chetan Bhagat books from it. Chetan Bhagat who was roasted in the latest barely seaking with Arnab episode is very angry with such comment.

Kejriwal’s funny side has the press break out in laughter and they expect to see this side very often. But Chetan Bhagat has promised to give back an answer as soon as he finds out one.

Well, we hope Chetan doesn’t write a book full of answers.



PM Modi sends DVD of Border to Kejriwal as a proof of surgical strikes

A day after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sent a video message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging him to “unmask” Pakistan’s “dirty propaganda” about the Indian Army’s surgical strikes across the LoC, the capital witnessed two protests connected to the issue Tuesday. One was held by the AAP, to protest against Pakistan and its media, while the other was held by the BJP, to protest against AAP chief Kejriwal whose remarks, claimed the party, amounted to “seeking proof” of the strikes.

Kejriwal had asked PM Modi to give proof of the Surgical Strikes so that Indians get more confidence and more will to have faith in the Army. BJP leaders accused Kejriwal of playing politics with the border security at stake.

PM Modi has duly obliged and has asked his secretary to send a DVD of Border to Kejriwal’s office so that Kejri can finally relax. No movie depicts the surgical strikes better than Border.  PM Modi has promised that even after watching the movie if Kejriwal demands further proof than he will ask Army to carry out the strikes at Delhi CM’s office.

AAP members have often backed Kejriwal at all times, but distrust in Indian Army is something even they cant take from their leader.

While AAP offered its support to the central government, it continued to seek the same thing Kejriwal had asked asked for, and over which he had been attacked by the BJP: a response to Pakistan’s “false propaganda”.