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Rohit Shetty writes his next script on a 500 Rs note; the value of the note becomes 100 Crs

I have written enough on the demonetization drive of the government but the ideas keep on ringing my doorbell. 500 Rs and 1000 Rs notes have become redundant now but there are people who can still make it valuable.

Rohit Shetty makes the 500 Rs note valuable
Rohit Shetty makes the 500 Rs note valuable


One of those persons is renowned director Rohit Shetty. Rohit has decided to write his next Golmaal script on a 500 Rs note. Anyways Rohit Shetty scripts are just 1-2 lines, that’s what his previous scripts have been. 1-2 lines of script and 10-20 cars flying, that’s what precisely is a Rohit Shetty movie.

But his new innovation is amazing as we all now that a Rohit Shetty movie will easily earn Rs 100 crores at the box office. He has literally given the 500 Rs note to Ajay Devgn to read the script which of course has been finalised now and Parineeti Chpra will play the lead female as many of us came to know yesterday.

Many people are reaching out to Rohit Shetty to use their redundant currency notes and Rohit is duly obliging.



Ajay Devgn assures people that Shivaay is a movie; its not a mountain dew ad

The Shivaay trailer was liked by many people. It has all the necessary ingredients for an action movie. But many think that Ajay Devgn is using this trick to bring in more people into the theaters, and then show them the ad of Mountain Dew.


Ajay Devgn's much awaited release 'Shivaay'
Ajay Devgn’s much awaited release ‘Shivaay’


It happens a lot of times in Hindi movies, that the trailer one sees is the best part of the movie and the movie doesn’t have an engaging story line. Ajay Devgn who is known to be very honest about the movies he produces has assured the people that Shivaay is indeed a movie and not a Mountain Dew ad.

Recently KRK and Karan Johar had plotted against Ajay to promote ADHM. Many say that Karan has paid a lot of money to people to spread the word of mouth that Shivaay is just an ad of Mountain Dew or for that matter ‘Thumps Up’.

Just to clarify the doubts, Ajay Devgn is distributing free DVDs of the movie even before the movie is released so that people are convinced about the story line. Well, how much successful will he be?. Only 28th October will say