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Akhilesh Yadav claims that Samajwadi party will win 300 seats out of 298 in U.P

Hours after Akhilesh Yadav failed to get his sulking father Mulayam Singh Yadav to join him on stage for the unveiling of the Samajwadi Party manifesto for next month’s Uttar Pradesh election, a Facebook update from the Chief Minister projected that all is well.


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav addressing a press conference at Shastri Bhawan In Lucknow on Tuesday. Express photo by Vishal Srivastav 21.10.2014


But Akhilesh has still not learnt the calculations required to be a tactically astute politician. In a recent interview to a leading news channel, Akhilesh confidently said that  samajwadi party will win 300 seats, but he forgot to remember that U.P has only 298 seats.

After being reminded by the interviewer about the no of seats, Akhilesh quickly corrected himself and said that he was just rounding off the number, as he likes the score of 300 in a cricket match.

One thing is for sure, the Yadav scion may be commiting many mistakes, but he always has a reply ready for the after questions. Well that’s the sign of being a true Samajwadi.


Akhilesh: U.P youth has to learn molestation to compete with Bengaluru

Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi sparked a new controversy today, seemingly blaming the women who were allegedly molested on New Year’s Eve for the shocking incident by suggesting they had strayed away from “Indian culture”.

Akhilesh Yadav, the present CM of U.P has taken this opportunity to inspire the U.P youth to practice molestation or else states like Karnataka, Goa and Haryana will always stay ahead of them. Akhilesh has also announced that government will open some molestation coaching classes where youth will be taught to molest girls and run away from the scene.

Other CMs in the country are also taking note of the Bengaluru incident and expecting the same type of incidents in their states, for their states to become popular. This has not gone down well with the feminists but then popularity of the states is more important as conveyed by all the CMs. The CMs have also ordered all molestation incidents in their states, let it be a small one so that even their states are continuously in news.


Mulayam has called a meeting at 9:30 PM, has asked Akhilesh to bring soda and Shivpal to bring snacks

The Samajwadi feud has become a national news and the ugly turn of events before elections has brought shame to the state government. Members are fighting fr every inch of power and no one is leaving a bit on the table.

Mulayam trying hard to maintain unity in party
Mulayam trying hard to maintain unity in party

Mulayam Singh had never expected such anger between his brother and son, but now has to go an extra mile to bring them under the same umbrella i.e the samajwadi party.

Mulayam has called Akhilesh and Shivpal at his residence at around 9:30 PM. He has even asked Akhilesh to bring soda and Shivpal to bring snacks as Mulayam has all the vintage bottles to celebrate.

Every feud in the world has ended with the help of a liquor party and Mulayam wants to use it to the party’s benefit. Akhilesh is not keen on drinking but there is always a member in your group who never drinks but has to bring soda.

BJP and BSP are closely watching the proceedings as it is surely going to impact the upcoming elections. They have even sent some secret agents to the SP party to record all conversations.

We don’t know whether the party will come to a conclusion or not but the Yadav family is going to have one gala night tonight.