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Delhi people going to Punjab to vote for kejri as Punjab CM, so that he leaves Delhi

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal has found a worthy opponent in the Congress party‘s Captain Amarinder Singh – at least on Twitter.

Arvind Kejriwal

If not in matching him repartee to repartee, Amarinder’s proven he’s a worthy match for Kejriwal when it comes to stick-to-itiveness on the microblogging site – much a la Donald Trump.

But Delhiites are so fed up of Kejriwal that they are booking tickets for Punjab, to go there and vote for Kejriwal as Punjab CM, so that he leaves Delhi.

Kejriwal is aware of all such plans and has tried to block all reservations, but people are finding new ways like travelling by a cycle, no pun intended towards the Samajwadi party here, but Kejri’s time in Delhi seems to be numbered, given the thinking shown by the fed up people.

Kejriwal, on other hands wants to be the CM of both Punjab and Delhi at the same time, and is leaving no stone upturned in promoting his party as the only clean party in India.

Kejriwal : Delhi smog due to smoke released by Modiji’s foreign trip flights

Delhiites woke up to apocalyptic grey skies as a heavy smog hung over the city on Wednesday, reducing visibility to its lowest for the month of November in many years.

Smog is the new political issue
‘Smog is the new political issue’


The air quality was so poor that it was comparable to the post-Di wali spike in pollution

But Kejriwal has brought an another angle to the whole problem. According to Kejriwal, the smog is caused by the smoke produced by Modiji’s planes when he boards them for his foreign visits.

Kejriwal also went on to add that even BJP ministers who are visiting different parts of the country in private planes are the reason for the smog.

Modi has denied such accusations and in return has accused Kejriwal of flying frequently to Gujarat and Punjab for the up coming elections. Vijay Mallya has promised government that if he is allowed to fly Kingfisher again, he will make sure that emissions from his flights are way below that of his competitors.





Kejriwal : Throwing ink at me is better than printing chetan bhagat books from that ink

Kejriwal  has been embarrassed by people for his comments on the surgical strikes. People are outraged by his comments on the government and subsequently his distrust in the army.

Kejriwal bearing the brunt of an ink attack
‘Kejriwal bearing the brunt of an ink attack’


AAP MLAs are now used to ink been thrown at their faces. It has been happening since their failure  to implement the changes they promised in Delhi. Kejriwal has been termed a opportunist who is not leaving any matter including the national security to ear some political brownie points.

Recently at a media briefing he was attacked by a person who threw ink at his face. This was the time we saw the funny side of Kejriwal for the very first time.

Kejriwal commented that the ink thrown at his face is a better use of ink than printing Chetan Bhagat books from it. Chetan Bhagat who was roasted in the latest barely seaking with Arnab episode is very angry with such comment.

Kejriwal’s funny side has the press break out in laughter and they expect to see this side very often. But Chetan Bhagat has promised to give back an answer as soon as he finds out one.

Well, we hope Chetan doesn’t write a book full of answers.