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Government blames Bajaj for the poor state of wrestling in India as it stopped the production of scooters

There is one thing common between all wrestling movies in India. Be it Sultan, be it Dangal, the protagonist uses the same mode of transport, i.e Bajaj scooters.


Salman and Aamir, both promoting the scooter
‘Salman and Aamir, both promoting the scooter’


Salman was seen riding one and now even Aamir has taken forward the tradition. It is a fact that wrestlers still use this old mode of transport and they are comfortable in it. This has given an opportunity to pass on the blame for the poor condition of wrestling in India on to Bajaj which for a long time now has stopped the production of scooters.

Bajaj has welcomed the criticism and has drawn out a plan to revive the acceptable mode of transport in smaller cities. They even want to associate with Dangal for promotion purposes. Bajaj has promised that it will keep the scooters very cost effective so that all wrestlers can afford it and their commute between home and stadium will be comfortable.

Companies like Honda and TVS are also in talks to launch special edition vehicles designed for the wrestlers. Its good that movies like Sultan and Dangal are bringing us closer on our traditional sport like wrestling.