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Dowry taken by bank employees increase by 300 % after demonetization

one more article on demonetization. Yes, pardon me, but the ideas keep on coming. Bank employees have hiked their dowry rate by 300 % after the Modi government’s demonetization drive.

Demonetization has brought bank employees into limelight
Demonetization has brought bank employees into limelight


News items are flooded with overcrowded ATMs and bank counters. Most of the banks are working over time to help out people in smooth transition.  We should thank them for helping us in times of need as bank employees in general are not known for a generous behavior.

The demand for Grooms who are working in the banking sector has increased many fold. Parents have increased the dowry rate of their sons who are bank employees. The employees may range from the peon to the senior most managers. The bride’s families are ready to pay such hefty amounts as it would secure the future of their daughters.

There is a shortage in market for bank employees and every father wants a bank employee husband for her daughter, this trend will continue at least till the deadline of 30th December and even more if banks are valued just like they are today.

So keep looking out for the star bank employees and make your daughter’s future secure.