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Censor board cuts all kissing scenes of Befikre; only thing left in the film is the No Smoking Ad

Right from the launch of the Befikre first look, there was a buzz around the circles as to how bold can Aditya Chopra

Befikre already in troubles
Befikre already in troubles


be. He is indeed very bold and that was adamant from the trailer which was launched in the fashion city of Paris.


The trailer, songs, teaser and even the posters have one thing in common; the hot scenes between Ranveer and Vaani. Vaani has gone full throttle on changing her image from the girl next door to the girl next door who is too hot to handle.

Recently the film was reviewed by the censor board committee and they too found it too hot to handle. In fact they have cut all the kissing scenes and intimate moments between the two lead actors.

This leaves the film with nothing else other than the no smoking ad. So basically you will spend 200-300 Rs just to watch the no smoking ad, which you could have watched it on internet or television.

Aditya Chopra is begging the committee members to at least let go 3-4 scenes so that he has at least something to show to the audience