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Testers complain of not being able to install Shaadi.com app on the new BeingSmart phones launched by Salman Khan

The world of smartphones is soon going to get a whole lot star-studded, as Salman Khan plans to finally venture into manufacturing and selling Android smartphones under his unique “Being Smart” brand sometime later this year, according to reports.

Salman Khan with a new superhit formula
Salman Khan with a new superhit formula

To that effect, Salman Khan has registered the “Being Smart” trademark for smartphones which will be targeted at the entry to mid-level market segment.

But the phones have a major fault as the testers have confirmed. The phones were manufactured sometime back but the fault came in to notice today by the testers. According to them, one cannot install the match finding applications like Shaadi.com, Bharat matrimony etc on these range of phones, or else the phone will hang. Guess what, the phones are exactly behaving like Sallu. But the testers have confirmed that the fault will vanish once Salman decides to marry. Now that’s some good news coming your way.