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Audience request Kapil Sharma to telecast his show 24hrs a day to keep them away from watching Big Boss

Colors’ marquee reality show Bigg Boss has had the entire nation waiting in anticipation ever since the announcement that its gates have been opened to the aam aadmi to participate as contestants.

Big Boss fans are angry
‘Big Boss fans are angry’

As the show launches this weekend to create history, for the first time, a combination of celebrity contestants and the common man will live in the spotlight

But there are people who hate Big Boss, and they are a worried lot. People don’t want their children to see the abusive and pathetic show named Big Boss. Big Boss is recommended for people who are very free in life and can watch literally anything.

More recently a group of people from a colony in Mumbai have requested Kapil Sharma to start a channel of his own and telecast his show throughout the day.

Though it is difficult for Kapil Sharma to write so much content, he may give it a try at such a large demand. As Big Boss season 10 is approaching fast, people want Kapil Sharma to make his decision fast or else they will have to look for an alternative option.