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Rahul Gandhi asks for refund as the makers dint show Dhoni resignation in the biopic

The BJP has alleged that Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi violated the model code of conduct by “co-relating the Congress election symbol with religious figures”.


But that’s not all what Rahul Gandhi did this week. He in fact was very sad that MSD resigned from ODI captaincy, but that was not the sole concern for his sadness. In fact he was sad that the producers dint show the resignation part in the Dhoni biopic.

Rahul Gandhi thought that whatever shown in the movie is the whole life of Dhoni and no big decision will be taken in future regarding his playing career and he will keep playing and captaining for ages. To his shock, MS resigned from the post of captaincy just recently.

Rahul took the matter in his own hand and promised to fight for people who had been fooled by the film makers. He has filed for refund from the makers and has urged the Lodha panel to intervene in this matter as the he thinks lodha panel is the supreme authority.