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Even Bobby Deol protested the Bharat Bandh by working after 10 years

Lashing out against the demonetisation move by the Narendra Modi government, the opposition parties led by the Congress on Monday held protests. However, only the Left Front, which has a presence in Kerala, Bengal and Tripura, has called for a strike or ‘Bharat Bandh’ in the three states.

bobby deol protesting the Bharat Bandh
bobby deol protesting the Bharat Bandh


The Congress and Left, which is observing Aakrosh Divas (Day of Angst), said that it will highlight the nation’s anger due to the government’s demonetisation drive

But most people were against the bandh as they were busy standing in ATM queues or busy earning bread for their family. The shock came when even Bobby Deol worked today for 2 hours after sitting idle for 10 years as a mark of protest against the Bharat Bandh. He went to a shoot uninvited and acted for 2 hrs without taking any payment as no producer was willing to pay an uninvited actor.

But we should give credit to Bobby Deol for coming out of the shackles when the country needed it the most. By the vening even Tushar Kapoor, Fardeen Khan and other free actors had also started working.