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New technology in iPhone; phone will self destruct if you try to watch a Sajid Khan movie

Apple has always come up with path breaking technology and recently they have announced that they will integrate a new feature for the India market.

Sajid Khan movies will have less audience now
Sajid Khan movies will have less audience now

Indian youth was looking for a technology that would prevent them from watching movies made by Sajid Khan, Rohit Shetty and other such directors.

Apple will integrate a new technology in their new phones which will make the phone self destruct itself if one tries to watch movies with very boring story line. Recently the Apple engineers tested the phone by playing Himmatwala and HumShakkals in it and they were pleased to see the phone self destructing itself.

Sajid Khan is very unhappy with such a feature and has hired some hackers  to disable the feature in Apple phones. Indians are requesting all phone manufacturers to provide such a feature in their phones. Government is also intervening in the matter and looks like in the future we will save ourselves from watching crappy movies.

Till then just try to control your urge of watching story less movies and indulge in other activities of entertainment.


After demanding 5 Crs from karan Johar, Raj Thackeray becomes the highest paid actor in a negative role

So, Mr Raj Thackeray has given his “consent” for the release of Ae Dil hai Mushkil. All he has “requested” for is that each producer of the filmmakers’ guild contribute a few crores to the armed forces fund – and reportedly “some” share of the profit.

Raj Thackeray is the new actor in town
Raj Thackeray is the new actor in town


It seems to have come as a breath of respite for the entire film industry. They are happy that finally, Mr Thackeray will “allow” their movies to be screened in public places like cinema halls without any danger to human life.

But by doing so, he has created history. He becomes the highest paid actor in a negative role for a bollywood movie. Previously the record was held by John Abraham in Dhoom. Normally a supporting actor doesn’t charge that amount, but Raj is known to be an excellent actor.

He has the following of goons in Maharashtra, and all his negative acting comes very naturally to him. Be it the stand against North Indians, or fighting the central government in banning Pakistani actors, Raj has been vocal about his demands just like a negative character in a movie. This type of acting skills do deserve the money Karan Johar is paying him.

We are eagerly waiting for Raj Thakeray’s  next movie.




Ajay Devgn assures people that Shivaay is a movie; its not a mountain dew ad

The Shivaay trailer was liked by many people. It has all the necessary ingredients for an action movie. But many think that Ajay Devgn is using this trick to bring in more people into the theaters, and then show them the ad of Mountain Dew.


Ajay Devgn's much awaited release 'Shivaay'
Ajay Devgn’s much awaited release ‘Shivaay’


It happens a lot of times in Hindi movies, that the trailer one sees is the best part of the movie and the movie doesn’t have an engaging story line. Ajay Devgn who is known to be very honest about the movies he produces has assured the people that Shivaay is indeed a movie and not a Mountain Dew ad.

Recently KRK and Karan Johar had plotted against Ajay to promote ADHM. Many say that Karan has paid a lot of money to people to spread the word of mouth that Shivaay is just an ad of Mountain Dew or for that matter ‘Thumps Up’.

Just to clarify the doubts, Ajay Devgn is distributing free DVDs of the movie even before the movie is released so that people are convinced about the story line. Well, how much successful will he be?. Only 28th October will say