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Government: people will have to stand full time while watching ‘Border’

The Ministry of Home Affairs has made it obligatory for even people with disability to stay still while the national anthem is played at the movies. This has left people furious and made them question the government’s sensitivity towards the issue.

Border movie will be the new benchmark of nationalism
Border movie will be the new benchmark of nationalism

But the government has not stopped at this alone. The ministry has passed a new law according to which people watching ‘Border’ movie on television or any other medium will have to stand full time during the screening of the movie. The movie is about 3 hrs long and any person seen not standing and watching ‘Border’ can be tried in court.

The rule also states that if by mistake someone is swapping channels and finds a channel telecasting ‘Border’, he/ she has to watch the full movie from there, they cannot just ignore the movie can go forwards. There will be new team called the NIB (nationalism investigating branch), which will deal with all matters of conflicts. People can report anyone who violates the rule, given they have ample proof in terms of photos or videos of the violators.