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Chinese president to India : we will support Pakistan until you remove ‘Chinese Bhel’ from your menu

The recently concluded BRICS summit brought the leaders of 5 big big economies together in their fight against terrorism. There was a consensus related to actions against terrorist outfits.

Chinese Bhel will soon be out of Indian menus
‘Chinese Bhel will soon be out of Indian menus’



The leaders discussed on various things other than terrorism. That included food, culture, hobbies and future aspirations. The Chinese President Xi Jinping was very vocal about his distaste for Indian Chinese food. Indians have literally customized the Chinese menu according to their own taste.

Some of the famous Chinese food on Indian menu are ‘Gobi Manchurian’, ‘Paneer Chilly’, ‘Chinese Bhel’ and lot more. Its a surprise that these dishes have no existence in China and Indians selling it with the brand name of China.

Xi Jinping was very furious with the dish name ‘Chinese Bhel’ as it is just a disproportionate mixture of all Chinese ingredients. He has strongly condemned the invention of such dishes in India. In fact he has urged PM Modi to personally look into the matter and ban the dish across India. Once the dish is completely banned in India, China will withdraw its support to Pakistan.

Indians are very attached to the Chinese Bhel and its seems very difficult to ban it in near future, but with China’s offer of isolating Pakistan, we can very well think of implementing the ban.

Or else, we should at least change the name of the dish.