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Tejashwi Yadav: Just give me 5 days more to study what EVM is and then I will shift my focus to ‘Wannacry’

Close on the heels of a series of exposes by Bihar Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sushil Kumar Modi against Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, fresh details have emerged linking his younger son and Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav to an alleged shell company AB Export through which he got a posh property in Delhi’s New Friends Colony.


But that’s not what all is on Tejashwi’s plate. With the AAP allegation over the EVM tampering and other high profile scandals and news, he has to keep himself up to date with latest happenings. Currently he is in the process of understanding the term ‘EVM’ as he had never heard of that term before. He realized that he should learn about the term only when some journalists asked him about EVMs and he was not able to respond.

Yesterday when one of our reporters asked him if he had details about ‘wannacry’, Tejashwi ji said that currently he is in the process of learning about EVMs and it would be helpful for the citizens of Bihar. He has asked for 5 days’ time after which he surely will lokk into other matters one of which obviously is the ‘Wannacry’ virus attack.

Venkaiah Naidu: The term ‘Sarkar 3’ was coined by me to show ‘Modi Sarkar’s’ report card of 3 years, RGV stole it

Union Urban Development and Housing Minister M Venkaiah Naidu today said the country’s development depended on the progress of the states. He in fact told that he had coined the term ‘Sarkar 3’ to show the progress made by the Modi government in last 3 years, but the term was stolen by RGV (Ram Gopal varma)


M Venkaiah Naidu who is known for his catchphrases has given plenty of names for government schemes and other relevant entities. He proudly proclaimed that the country’s mission is MODI — Making Of a Developed India. Earlier, the minister had called the Prime Minister Modifier Of Developing India (Modi). There is also a parody account on twitter. The profile came into existence as recently as March, it makes reverse acronyms of names of political leaders, including Mr Naidu. Their Twitter bio spells out “NAIDU” as “National Acronym Innovation & Design University”

In fact the nation has been thinking that this is the sole job of Naidu in the cabinet. He has been given the task of spreading awareness about the government schemes and party leaders through the interesting medium of creating acronyms. And Mr. Naidu is very good at it. His opposition colleagues are also very interested while he rolls out acronym after acronyms. But, now that he has not produced or coined a new term in the last 5 days, the citizens are concerned. But Naidu has clarified that his acronyms and other terms which he makes are getting stolen and that’s the reason he is not able to speak those words in public.

Former Karnataka CM SM Krishna to join BJP, says the only way to defeat them is by making them function like Congress

Former Karnataka Chief Minister SM Krishna is all set to join the BJP, seven weeks after quitting Congress, in a move which is surely going to send some ripples in the Congress. But according to the former CM, his move is aimed at defeating BJP by making it function like the Congress.

funfunnykhez SM Krishna

Krishna, apparently, had quit Congress on 29th Jan stating the reason that the party is in a confused state and it is not using the mass leaders to counter the Modi wave. Krishna, who was the Karnataka CM from 1999 to 2004, has seen two continuous Modi waves to reach his decision.

Speaking to Faking news reporter at his residence, this is what Krishna had to say, “ I don’t know about other Congress leaders, but I strongly feel that there is a humongous Modi wave in the country, I had told this to Rahulji but he said ‘ye wave wave kuch nahi hota’. But I know how to help my party gain power again. More and more senior congress leaders should join BJP and make it function like the Congress. This is the only way out”

Meanwhile, the Congress leaders have labelled Krishna as an opportunist who shifts base with the direction of the flowing wind. But there are some leaders like AK Antony and Kapil Sibbal who have not entirely rejected SM Krishna’s logic.

When our reporter asked Amit Shah about this news, he said that no Congress leader can change the functioning of BJP as all party decisions are taken by him and Modiji, so there is no point worrying about anyone joining BJP from a rival party. In fact he has invited Congress leaders with the incentive that the sooner you come the better your chance to be a union minister.

Well, only time will tell whether Krishna’s plan works or not, but he has surely given some food for thought to the Congress workers who are constantly finding ways to defeat the BJP

Mulayam Singh to hold his election rallies inside banks, as no people in banks more than his U.P rallies

Mulayam Singh has taken a bold step of organizing his election rallies inside the bank branches in U.P. With the latest decision by the government of demonetization, banks are pulling in way more crowd than any election rallies in U.P

Mulayam singh comes up with a brilliant idea
Mulayam singh comes up with a brilliant idea


Mulayam Singh, who has seen his support base dwindle in the recent election rallies. People are avoiding going to Samajwadi party rallies as they cant understand a single word spoken by Netaji.

Mulayam Singh is not happy with the current situation and wants to make speech to maximum crowd possible, and in the current scenario, no place is better than the queues outside major bank branches.

Although, it is not a popular decision and seen as a opportunist decision by various parties, Mulayam is adamant that this is the best approach possible. Other parties like BSP, Congress and others are also mulling over similar ideas to improve voter base.



Congress party to sell off crackers they had bought for 2014 elections, for the coming Diwali

BJP won with a thumping majority in the 2014 general elections. Projecting Modi as a PM candidate worked wonders for the party. Congress meanwhile suffered an embarrassing loss with UPA getting only 60 seats.

Congress party coming together for a noble cause
‘Congress party coming together for a noble cause’

Congress party offices are full of fire crackers the party had bought for celebrations post victory. But none were used and the stock is lying untouched.

With funds being a big issue for the non ruling party, normal party working is getting impacted. Finally Rahul Gandhi has decided to sell off all the crackers at a discounted rate in the open market, which will give them enough funds till next Diwali.

People spend a lot of money on crackers for their children and Congress party wants to play a small role in bringing happiness during Diwali.  BJP Bihar office has also a large pile of crackers at their office as they lost the 2016 Bihar elections. BJP senior management has also decided to contribute to this noble cause.

Finally we can boycott the Chinese crackers  and buy Indian made crackers at a discounted rates from the party offices.


BJP selling PM’s mann ki baat DVDs with the cover name ‘latest hits of Arijit Singh’

Arijit Singh has been a sensation ever since he started singing in bollywood. All his songs are memorable and filled with emotions. Romance, break ups, party, sadness you name it and Arijit has it. He has collaborated with upcoming music directors to give us some gems.

PM Modi's mann ki baat
‘PM Modi’s mann ki baat’


But there are people who want to use Arijit’s popularity to seel their products of ideas. The latest example being the mann ki baat team of our PM. Just when they realized that people are losing interest in the weekly talk delivered by our PM, his team has come up with a new strategy to boost promotions.

PM Modi’s marketing team has decided to sell mann ki baat DVDs with the cover name as ‘latest hits of Arijit Singh’. Young people who are Arijit’s fans will buy the DVDs and wll have to forcibly listen to our PM’s speeches.

With every DVD, you will also get a poster of PM Modi directly delivered to your home after 5 days of the purchase. Also lucky customers will be able to meet PM Modi in 2020, given the fact that he wins the 2019 elections.

Arijit is happy that his popularity is helping the nation to listen to it’s PM and his innovative ideas. Only problem is the opposition. Now the congress has decided that they will sell Rahul gandhi’s CDs under the cover name ‘Jagjit Singh ki nagme’. 

Unlucky will be the people who will buy the Jagjit Singh CDs with high hopes, only for their hopes to be dashed later.



Modi wishes Kohli on 200; Congress: Sachin also scored 200 during UPA, we never did chest thumping

The BJP vs Congress debate is taking some ugly turn. After the recent ‘Khoon ki dalali’ comment by the Gandhi Scion, BJP has been targeting the Congress at every possible opportunity. Congress is also not far behind in this tussle for cheap publicity.


Modi is facing the brunt for praising Kohli
Modi is facing the brunt for praising Kohli


Recently Kohli score his first 200 on Indian soil. PM Modi was quick to praise him on twitter which he often does. This dint go well with the Congress leadership. They thought that BJP government is taking the credit for Kohli’s 200.

Kail Sibbal was very quick in calling a press conference and pointing out that even the great Sachin Tendulkar scored a century during the time of UPA government but Manmohan Singh never wished him.

Mannohan Singh dint take political advantage of the situation. Congress has urged Modi to keep quiet for 2 years and not praise anyone otherwise congress will again suffer in 2019, just like they did in 2014.

PM Modi was quick to respond and twitted that in the future he will not wish any cricketers for that matter any sportsperson. Congress has welcomed this gesture, but it has to be seen if it benefits them in the long run.



All U-Turns on Indian roads to be named as Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi speaks very less, but when he speaks you don’t understand what he is speaking. Something similar happened recently. First he spoke against the RSS, then he took back his comments and now he is back sticking to his older comments. Well, that sounds pretty confusing.

Rahul Gandhi happy with the acknowledgement
Rahul Gandhi happy with the acknowledgement








But this has been a trend in Rahul Gandhi’s political career. Now the Roads and Highways department of Indian government wants to dedicate all ‘U-Turns’ on Indian road to the congress heir. All U-Turn signs on roads will be replaced by a picture of Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul has never previously received such honor from the government, and according to him he relishes such honors. He will himself promote this initiative in all his political rallies, not in U.P though because U.P roads don’t have the U-turn sign, in fact U.P roads have no signs. Congress has thanked the BJP for honoring their president and have promised that they will use Advani ji picture on all sign gauges once they are in to power.

This shows the collaborative strength of the Indian democracy.