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ICC : two bowlers can bowl at the same time to Kohli

Virat Kohli is the ultimate batsman in the world when it comes to chasing a big target. His consistency and the method to his batsmanship are unprecedented. In the first ODI against England in Pune on Sunday, his first match as full-time captain across all formats, Kohli put on an exhibition as he slammed yet another century in a huge chase

virat kohli

But the bowling fraternity is rather angry. They need some cover to duck into and not be embarrassed bowling to the greatest batsman of our generation. ICC has indeed listened to the agony and has come up with a new law in cricket. According to this law two bowlers of any opposition team can bowl at the same time to Kohli and Kohli can be given out to any of the two balls.

Now it is up to Kohli to show us how he will face this new law and how he will come out of it and blast all the bowlers. The law, though very harsh was indeed required to put a lid on the masterclass Kohli shows every now and then.



Kane Willaimson, after losing 3-0: we won, we had just come to collect Reliance Jio sim cards

After losing all the Tests in a series they would have been hopeful of doing well in, Kane Williamson managed to retain some humor, but he knew his side was done in by a mix of difficult conditions for them, the quality of their opposition in those conditions, and their own lack of application at times.

Kane Williamson, after the defeat
‘Kane Williamson, after the defeat’


According to Williamson, they dint lose, because their main purpose to come to India was for collecting Reliance Jio sim cards. Data charges are pretty high in New Zealand and the whole New Zealand team had decided that this was the best time to visit India.

Most of the test matches are finished in 4 days and all NZ cricketers were seen near a Reliance Digital outlet on the 5th day. Kane Williamson has taken cards for his family members also and has personally thanked Mukesh Ambani for this nice gesture.

Indian team meanwhile are confused whether to celebrate the victory or just focus on the next series. They have requested the Indian Government to not issue any sim cards to the English team which would be touring our country in November.



Shikhar Dhawan becomes the first cricketer in history to get injured while walking from the pitch to the pavilion

Shikhar Dhawan has been criticized a lot off late for his batting failures. But the very latest criticism levied on him by a commentator is of the highest order. Shikhar had lost his batting spot to the talented KL Rahul, but Rahul’s injury came as a much wanted lifeline for Shikhar.


Shikhar Dhawan records his name in the history books
Shikhar Dhawan records his name in the history books


Expectations were huge on Dhawan’s shoulders, and Dhawan did what he always does; not fulfilling those expectations. Virat had given him a chance inspite of having a senior opener like gambhir in the team.

One of the Hindi commentators named Bablu Chaurasia has accused Dhawan of creating a bad name in history books. Apparently, in the 2nd test match Dhawan became the first cricketer in history to get injured while returning from the batting crease to the pavilion after spending just 2-3 minutes on the crease.

This is a serious record and no one will come close to break it in the several years to come. Shikhar is proud to finally have his name carved in the history of the gentleman’s game. BCCI will felicitate him when he plays next, which by the way might take some while, given his present form.