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Crime rate has increased in the city due to Crime Patrol broadcast, as criminals want to be famous

Crime Patrol started as an awareness show for citizens to be cognizant of signs and symbols which lead up to a criminal activity. It is a hit show and family members watch it together to try and weed out any criminal activities in their surroundings.

Success of crime patrol is backfiring
Success of crime patrol is backfiring

But the popularity of the show has backfired. Most criminals want free publicity of their crime, so every crime is committed with the aspiration of it being broadcast on national television.

The no of thefts, murders and kidnapping is increasing day by day as criminals are desperate to feature in subsequent seasons of Crime Patrol.

Criminals are using innovative techniques and modus operandi to commit a crime because more interesting the story, better the chances of it being featured in Crime Patrol. There are coaching classes providing crime techniques which are way more unconventional than the present day techniques.

Maharashtra government is even thinking of banning the TV series as it is not helping control the crime rate in the city. Crime Patrol team has decided to feature only boring crime stories for people to not get influenced and commit crimes in an innovative way.

Although it will take a while for them to produce the new series, the new series is a must if we want to control the crime rate.