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Manohar Parrikar: We will design a Pokemon named Dawood Ibrahim, so that our soldiers can catch him

Dawood Ibrahim has been away for so long that we think of him as nothing, but a Pakistani smuggler helping terror groups wage a war on India. But he was born in India in 1955, and till 1986, was as much Indian as the rest of us.


Manohar Parrikar with his new idea
Manohar Parrikar with his new idea


He was very much a part of the Mumbai underworld that we Indians admire so much and which Bollywood glorifies frequently. He was also admired and respected by those in the police force and used as a tool to settle scores.

Dawood had great political links. In fact, when he fled to Dubai in 1986, it was due to a tip-off from a senior politician in the Mantralaya (the Maharashtra state government headquarters). But finally the defence minister has made some serious plans to catch the notorious criminal.

According to Parrikar, he is in touch with the Pokemon company to design a Pokemon named Dawood, so that general public will try to catch it, and it will make the task of the government lot easier.

He wants the surroundings to be designed just like the Bungalow where Dawood resides in Pakistan. All secret agencies will have to install the Pokemon game in their phone and the application will show where Dawood is.