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After watching Dhoni Biopic, girl refuses to recognize Kohli in flight; hopes to be his girlfriend in future

Movies have a great impact on the lives of Indians. We live movies and try to incorporate many things in real life. Larger the movie bigger the impact. Dhoni biopic is not left far behind in creating such situations.


A still from the Dhoni Biopic
A still from the Dhoni Biopic


A Mumbai girl named Pooja recently got so involved in the MSD biopic that she tried out the movie situation in her real life. Sorry for the spoiler, but I hope many people have watched the movie by now.

There is a sequence in the movie where Dhoni’s to be girlfriend fails to recognize him in a flight where the Indian team was travelling. Dhoni is bowled over by this simplicity and they are seen dating afterwards.

Pooja figured out the flight details of the Indian team when they were to fly to Indore for a test match. She somehow managed to sit next to Virat Kohli and asked him to get an autograph of Ajinkya Rahane. Everyone in the flight was shocked, as Kohli is a much bigger player than Rahane. Throughout the flight, she acted as if she had no clue who was sitting next to her.

Some of the Indian players even described Kohli for her, but she dint pay much attention. Now that 7 days are past that incident, she’s hoping she will get a call from the Indian test captain and they can start dating just like how Dhoni and his girlfriend did.