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Didn’t provide free Wi-Fi in Delhi, to stop spreading of Dhoni’s leaked Aadhar card info – Kejriwal to media

Former Indian cricket team skipper Dhoni’s Aadhar details were allegedly leaked on twitter by the Aadhar providing agency. Dhoni’s wife Sakshi expressed her displeasure by tweeting the Information minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. But one person who had the predicted this event is Arvind Kejriwal. According to Kejriwal, he always knew that one day such leak will happen, so his government dint provide free Wi-Fi in Delhi, to restrict the spread of leaked details.


Dhoni is a public figure but his Aadhar card info is indeed private information, but internet doesn’t spare anyone’s private information. The leaked information circulated like fire and we need more men like Kejriwal to pre-empt such mishappening.

Our Funfunnykhez reporter spoke to Kejriwal at his office and he had this to say,” Eventhough I am the lader of Aam aadmi party, I don’t discriminate between Aam Aadmi and celebrities. I always knew that Dhoni’s Aadhar card details will be leaked once he applies for card. Internet is a cruel thing. Although I had promised free Wi-Fi in Delhi, I soon realized that free internet will attract more cases of leaked private data. So I had to prune the plans and now see, how right I was”

Other leaders like Mamta Banerjee, lalu Prasad Yadav and Sharad Pawar have praised Kejriwal for his foresightedness and have come out strongly against the digital India mission of the government. The leaders say that even with a low penetration of broadband, such leakages are happening, then imagine what will happen when whole India is connected by internet. According to the leaders, digital India mission should be discarded as it is a threat to private information.

Some people in Delhi have also started a signature campaign urging Kejriwal to provide free Wi-Fi and promised him that they will not use the internet to spread leaked data.

Well, we have to wait and watch if Delhiites will get their free Wi-Fi or will have to do with only political statements.

England Team: we had prepared for Kedar Jadhav, Dhoni Yuvi were out of syllabus; this is cheating

There was consolation everywhere you looked for England. It was in the breathless relief of the Indian team as victory was secured. It was in the records and milestones that fell along the way: England’s highest ever score batting second in a one-day international, the fourth-highest match aggregate in history.


Or in Eoin Morgan’s first century for 18 months, an innings of guts and brawn that took his side to the brink of an unthinkable victory

But the England team has complained to ICC that Indian team has cheated them. Kedhar Jadhav played a brilliant innings in the first ODI and it was Indian team’s strategy to make England forget about the prowess possessed by Dhoni and Yuvi, so that the batting duo can make mockery of the English bowling.

England team is feeling like a student who studied for the chapter named Kedhar Jadhav and thought Dhoni and Yuvi were out of syllabus. But the examiner din’t ask them about Kedhar Jadhav and in turn asked them about something which was out of syllabus. The ICC has promised to look into the matter and the second ODI will be played again if the Indian team is found guilty.


Rahul Gandhi asks for refund as the makers dint show Dhoni resignation in the biopic

The BJP has alleged that Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi violated the model code of conduct by “co-relating the Congress election symbol with religious figures”.


But that’s not all what Rahul Gandhi did this week. He in fact was very sad that MSD resigned from ODI captaincy, but that was not the sole concern for his sadness. In fact he was sad that the producers dint show the resignation part in the Dhoni biopic.

Rahul Gandhi thought that whatever shown in the movie is the whole life of Dhoni and no big decision will be taken in future regarding his playing career and he will keep playing and captaining for ages. To his shock, MS resigned from the post of captaincy just recently.

Rahul took the matter in his own hand and promised to fight for people who had been fooled by the film makers. He has filed for refund from the makers and has urged the Lodha panel to intervene in this matter as the he thinks lodha panel is the supreme authority.



Dhoni throws a ‘samosa and baalusahi’ party for all his players to not forget about yesterday’s defeat

Ranchi :- MSD-The untold story has been received very well by the audience and that feeling was relevant in yesterday’s match at Ranchi where the stadium erupted when Dhoni came in to bat.


Dhoni throws a samosa and baalushahi party
Dhoni throws a samosa and baalushahi party


The locals were waiting for the match eagerly after the release of Dhoni’s biopic, they wanted to live this moment with MSD. But at the end of the match, crowd felt dejected because of the result when Indian lost a close encounter. More than that the crowd felt bad as their super hero Dhoni din’t live up to the expectations.

But Dhoni took the defeat in his stride and has talked about the positives from the match. He was seen throwing a samosa and baalushahi party, just like the one we saw in his movie.

He threw this party for his team mates for the team to not forget this defeat and this date. The memories of this match and the party will motivate the team to play better in the coming matches.

Samosas and Baalushahi are some local cuisines of Ranchi and Dhoni used to munch on them during his formative years.


Children who had joined badminton academies after watching PV Sindhu have started playing cricket after watching MSD biopic

Rio Olympics was a disaster for the Indian contingent. But there was a silver lining produced by Sakshi Malik and PV Sindhu. Many kids across India had started pursuing badminton and wrestling training. Kids were flocking various academies to get training from best coaches in India. Everyone wanted their kids to become the next Sakshi and Sindhu.


MSD biopic is creating havoc
MSD biopic is creating havoc

But everything has changed now. After the release of the MSD biopic children have developed even more love for cricket. They are deregistering themselves from badminton and registering at various cricket academies. Even parents are influenced by Dhoni’s story and want their children to emulate MSD.

Wrestling and badminton academies are suffering as children who had joined way back have also started showing keen interest in cricket. According to a survey done by our talented journalist Mr. Harneet Ahuja, 20% boys who were playing badminton 1 year back have shifted base to cricket.

Cricket academies are not complaining and all credit goes to the amazing life story of the man himself, MSD. Even cricketers who played 2-3 first class matches in their entire career are opening up academies to admit as many kids as possible. Pullela Gopichand is very disappointed by the growing trend and he wants a producer to make a film on him to promote badminton again.

Well, a movie on badminton should be on the cards now.