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Government has dedicated the coming week to swachh Bharat by asking citizens to delete all Diwali greetings

Diwali is a time of extreme happiness and joy for all Indians. No one forgets to wish each other, no matter how long was the last time two persons spoke. Diwali brings you closer, in spite of the differences and in spite of the distances.

Swachh bharat week
‘Swachh bharat week’


But too many greetings on the smart phones are killing the actual joy which comes from spending time with the parents. Everyone is busy sending and receiving greetings in various forms i.e images, videos, GIFs etc.

Government has taken the matter seriously as this type of celebration is destroying the Indian culture. The coming week will be observed as the Swachh Bharat week where citizens will delete all the Diwali greetings on their respective smart phones.

Although it may take more than a weeks time, this is a nice initiative by the government to stop the mobile phone addiction which is harmful to our value system.