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Most news channels show long queues at bank counters; Doordarshan showing 500 Rs note is not yet banned

Doordarshan has always lagged behind the modern channels in terms of responding to a news quickly. Their broadcasting systems are outdated, their journalists are have crossed their expiry dates and their producers are not bothered about the channel any more.

Doordarshan is way behind the current news channels
‘Doordarshan is way behind the current news channels’


Same came true for the recent news items on the ban of 500 and  1000 Rs notes in Indian markets. Most of the news channels are covering the news and showing long queues outside the banks in India, but Doordarshan has still not received the news. In fact Doordarshan is broadcasting news about Israel president’s India visit, throughout the day on their channel.

Watching Doordarshan can throw you back some 10 years behind the current timeline and you may lose all sense of current news. But finally the producers have taken this blunder in account and have promised to cover the most important news going forward. Well lets hope some sense prevails and we get to hear recent news items on our oldest channel in India.