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Facebook India : ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ is the highest featuring comment made by Indians on photos

Facebook always gives us amazing insights about a country, their people and culture. We have been always curious to know what do Indians generally comment on photos, what are some of the common comments found every now and then.

Facebook India with new insights
Facebook India with new insights


Well, Facebook has an answer for it. Indians are very excited about a friend or relative getting engaged or married. We are sometimes not that excited about our own engagement or being in a relationship. We like to bless a couple in many ways. One, obviously being the Facebook comment blessing. Some of the most used comments are as follows

  1. Rab ne bana di Jodi

  2. So cuteee

  3. Adorable

  4. U are looking so amazing

  5. Kab milwa raha hai Bhabhi se

And lot more in fact, for the complete list you can contact our secret reporter Mr. Sanil Jain. So much so that Facebook, in the near future will give us an option to use predefined comments for Indian users. Couple photos are the most viral ones and Facebook will do every bit to make it more engaging. Till then you may continue commenting the way you have been.