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Audience thank Modi as due to cash crunch they were not able to watch ‘Rock On 2’

Rock On 2  was a much awaited project of Farhan Akhtar and team. After the roaring success of Rock On, the audience was expecting same levels of commitment to good cinema from Farhan.


But Farhan failed this time, just like Hrithik has failed since last 2 years. Rock On 2 is a punishment one can give to its enemies, Rock On 2 is the Rahul Gandhi of movies. People who have watched it have had nightmares since then and have consulted doctors for their mental imbalance.

The people who have not watched it are thanking PM Modi for creating the cash crunch in the economy due to which people dint have money to watch Rock On 2.

Modi has lost many hearts due to his decision on black money, but he has the full support of cine goers in India. People were even of the point of view that Modi should have implemented the decision befor the release of Housefull 3 which would have saved them from one more torturous movie.